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Anna Fedorova. From Lisbon with love!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Anna Fedorova is an established young Portuguese graphic artist with a Russian name, soul and sensitive femininity. She lives in Lisbon and she is our Art Resident since 2018. We present exclusively her graphics and watercolors on Madeira island.

Lisbon today is not just the capital of Portugal, it is one of the most interesting European communities, known for its street art projects, graffiti and the active involvement of young contemporary artists from all over the world in the Portuguese art community. And Anna is a charming representative of Great Artistic Lisbon in Madeira.

Photo by © Olga Moreira

I was born in Moscow, graduated from a theater school, which was later followed by a long way of self-search. I’ve switched 4 universities before I found my avocation. On my 4th year of studying graphic design I moved to Lisbon.

Photo by © Olga Moreira

I guess, creating art has always been a part of my life. When I was little, I attended numerous craft studios, later I was involved in my theater school, and back then I was assured that my life will revolve around acting. At the same time I was, of course, painting. Sometimes with a pen on wall paper, sometimes on the walls of my room. I participated in competitions and was awarded several times. About 6 years ago I started to make first money with my illustrations, selling my art pieces. And as you can see, you can actually buy my art on Madeira island at Art Center Caravel.

Therefore, it’s difficult for me to highlight any particular artwork. Of course, the most enjoyable process is my painting improvisation. I just splash all my emotions and thoughts upon the canvas. It resonates with other people’s feelings too. It’s extremely interesting to read other’s interpretation of my painting and its story. Their interpretations become a part of me and I’m so grateful to the universe for letting me meet such people and such clients. I recently realized, that most of my customers have more than only one of my paintings.

I’m still unsatisfied with myself and my technique. Being hardworking, using imagination and loving what I do - those are the things I don’t lack. I’m only at the beginning of my path, and I plan to grow and develop further.

Veronika Zhezhovska

Alecia Guseva 25.11.2020,

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