Heidrun Edsperger. Magic of 3D abstraction.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Heidrun is an experimental artist using a spatula technique to create 3D abstracts. Using highly intense colours, and each finished work carefully balanced between emotional display and technical rationality, they work as art pieces in their own right, but when viewed through a pair of 3D spectacles they are transformed into a magical world of depth and movement. Each produces its own unique resonance, and is deliberately bereft of title because Heidrun wishes to allow each viewer the total freedom to explore the experience unfettered by artistic direction.

Artistic Statement

Ambiguity in Heidrun´s work is deliberate. Using colour as agitation, thus each formless structure produces its own overall contextual set of parameters, allowing the viewer the freedom to interpret and engage in a pictorial intercourse through the artist´s visual stimulus.

Light breaking at the edges, as it does within the paint layers, allows an unlimited interpretation through vibrant expressiveness.

Each lies in quiet rectitude until it´s power is released explosively when viewed through the spectacle of 3D.

Cefyn Embling-Evans

Art Curator

Heidrun Edsperger

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