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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Ukrainian born artist, Igor Redkin, is the new face of our Art Center Caravel. Starting February 10, 2022, visitors will have a chance to see his newest art works in our gallery. Tropical, bright, colorful paintings inspired by Madeira Island – place where Igor would like to spend some more time.

Just before the exhibition, we had a chance to speak with him and meet him closer. Read on for the full interview.

New art exhibition at Art Center Caravel
Igor Redkin during his preparation for art show in Madeira

Can you please tell us few words about yourself? You’ve been moving around, where can people find you these days?

I am Ukrainian born architect and artist educated in Art-school and University of architecture and construction. In the past 10 years I’ve been working between Kiev, Valencia and Berlin creating art and interior projects.

Now it’s my third visit to Madeira. I fall in love with the island every day! This time I organized my art-residence here and completed my art-project PARADISE#7 - exhibition which the audience can visit at Art Center Caravel starting February 10, 2022.

Professionally, you are an architect. Are you also experimenting and being creative when working on architectural projects?

I use multilateral approach to my architectural and interior projects. Sophisticated art installations and experiments with paintings, textures and lightning are adapted in many contemporary residential and commercial interiors.

For how long you’ve been creating art? What is your biggest artistic achievement in your opinion?

I am in art for about 30 years. My works have been exhibited in many galleries, also my paintings and art objects are presented in private and public collections in Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany and Russia.

The most significant project for me was «Music of Dignity» - gallery of portraits of Ukrainian contemporary singers and musicians. All portraits were sold on Charity Auction and all money were donated to support young talented musicians.

Is the art scene in Ukraine much different than Portugal?

Art in each country has its own way of development but I would say there is a lot in common in the traditional art - painting on ceramics - Portuguese azulejo and Ukrainian Petrikiv Ceramics are excellence and beauty!

Where do you find inspiration for the new exhibition in Art Center Caravel? What are the motives and which techniques did you use?

My complete and pure inspiration is Madeira! And it’s a reason for my new exhibition - love in the air, bright and rich colors, everything in bloom!!

Any future plans ?

My plan for the near future is to find and create a perfect place for my new home here in Madeira.

Intervew with Igor Redkin, exhibition Paradise7
Art Exhibirtion at Art Center Caravel, Madeira island

Art Center Caravel team

Funchal, 2022

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