Psychotherapy and art doctor - Alexander Derkach. Understand Portugal through art deco paintings.

Updated: Mar 26

Alexander Derkach is an artist from Russia (Kaliningrad). He has been creating art for 35 years now, his artworks were exhibited in Stockholm, Paris, Funchal. Many of those entered private collections in Japan, Germany and the US. Since 2012 Derkach has maintained a private creative studio in Kaliningrad, Russia, which cooperated with Kaliningrad Museum of History and Art, and his paintings are sold in Portugal and also internationally.

In Portugal, the artist is represented exclusively on the island of Madeira, where you can buy his original paintings in several styles.

Art deco, abstraction, landscapes, female portraits and small city scenes mostly painted in oil on canvas or on oil pastels.

Surprisingly, the artist easily combines his Siberian roots, the past of a military doctor and the softness of forms and subjects. His northern style perfectly matches the spirit of Portugal, its inhabitants and colours.

Art deco artist from Madeira island in his hometown Kaliningrad
Madeira island and Kaliningrad in Russia.Art unites .

I’ve been drawing since childhood. At school I was the one responsible for realizing bulletin boards on a weekly basis. Later during my studies at a Siberian medical school I prepared some sketches of development anomalies for the Anatomy Department and some information boards for the Social Hygiene Department. The materials and instruments I mostly used back then were paper, ink, gouache, pencil. I also drew for fun and made presents for my friends - some pictures of different genres, cartoons, portraits. After turning 20, I started to work with oil on canvas, subscribed to thematic literature, learnt painting technologies and techniques, art history. I’ve been painting a lot while serving as a military doctor in Germany (actually my basic education is in Psychotherapy, I’ve devoted 10 years to this profession). After leaving my career at Psychiatry, I worked in Zabajakles Art Salon (Siberia) for 5 years. Later my first personal exhibition was held in Chita Regional Art Museum. Then I moved to Kaliningrad in 1994.

AUTUMN DRIVE. Oil on cardboard , 2019 Size 24х30 cm SOLD