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Cats choose us, we don’t own them.”
Lewis Carroll



Cats collection by Irina Tarasova


Irina was born in Ukraine (Dnipro) in 1977. After she moved to Portugal in 2000, Irina began to paint and radically changed her life with the help of art. First self-taught, then graduated at Ilustração e Produção Grafica Escola Superior de Arte e Design, Caldas de Rainha. She experiments with different techniques and styles. At the moment, the main characters of her paintings are animals in different images. A great opportunity to capture your pet forever. All of her paintings are exclusive and distinguished by their unique style that impresses clients from all over the world. Our gallery has been successfully cooperating with Irina for a long time.

Not all paintings presented here are available for purchase. But paintings can be painted to order, based on a photograph of your pet (and not only a cat, but also dogs, parrots and even fish).

Irina Tarasova uses a mix technique that includes collage, gouache and acrylic paints. Also she transforms old book pages into paintings. That helps to give anothere life for books that were planned to be thrown away.

It is enough to write us a request and we will contact you immediately.

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