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Manifest – Islands 2023 – SOLIDARITY

Whale – a symbol of peace, tranquillity and freedom, and a creature that is always in harmony with
the borderless waters of the ocean. Also, the masterpiece of Marcos Milewski that is ''swimming''
in the center of Funchal and was chosen to be the symbol of our next Islands 2023 exhibition.

World’s ocean of peace and tranquillity, suddenly turned into wild waters in the beginning of 2022.
War right in the center of Europe... Have we lost our bearings? We’ve been living in a madness for so
long, that it looks like peace (of mind) is something we forgot to dream about.
Year 2022 will be remembered by devastation, horror and pain. A year that has touched the whole
world, and paralyzed part of the international team of our Art Center Caravel, in which Ukrainians and
Russians work together for years. Also, it is the only year when we didn't organize our annual Islands

After long thinking, our team realized that we are obliged to organize it in 2023. We need to stand
together, stronger than ever! That is why, we are inviting our dear artists to join the Islands 2023
under the theme SOLIDARITY.

The opening of the Islands exhibition will be on 24th of February 2023, the day that marks one year
since the Russian attack on Ukraine. The day that shook the whole world. The day that we cannot
forget, but we can learn from.

This year we promise to change the meaning of February 24 th . This time we become friends, support,
pacifists, unity... And art will be our only weapon!
Today, we would like to announce our call for artists working in Madeira. The number of works is not
regulated, and all works will be selected by the art curators. The deadline for submitting applications
is 10 th December 2022.

SOLIDARITY - Because only united we can be the change.

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