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"Islands .2024-Ocean": Calling All Artists to Dive into Madeira's Vibrant Art Scene!

We are excited to announce a call for artists from Madeira Island and across the continent. Drawing, sculpture, and installations are all welcome, and we can't wait for your inspiration to infuse the island's art scene with ideas and thoughts about the ocean.

We have selected the vast ocean as our main point as we mark our 24th year, in recognition of Madeira being designated as a Whale Heritage Area in 24.

Our shared belief in the power of art to heal and inspire has brought us together on a mission to finally put into words the intricate web of our interdependent tale, which is as ever-changing as the ocean's tides and as enchanted as its marine life.

Our art project is proudly included in the Madeira Whale Fest, the first event on the island organized by the dedicated and passionate Whale Heritage Area Madeira steering group.

The expectations placed on artists are...

  • One thing first. It would be our pleasure to learn more about you. Kindly complete the brief registration form so that we may see your portfolio, Instagram, and method.

  • Tell us what you have in mind for an ocean-themed piece of art....

  • Upon approval... Please be informed that our gallery space is not designed to host all of the island's talented artists. We will get in touch with you by August 5, 2024.

  • Along with your portfolio, images of your work, and a picture of yourself, we ask that you submit five pieces in a4 or a3 size and that you help us prepare for the show. We would also be grateful if you could speak with journalists and participate in the exhibition's press effort.

  • It would mean a lot to us if you could provide us the live works no later than mid-September.

  • In case you have any more inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us

Three whole rooms of our art gallery in the heart of Funchal have been reserved for this year's celebration of Madeira's young creatives

Working with the youth of Madeira on a daily basis has shown us that they are enthusiastic about learning about marine life, particularly whales and dolphins, and are prepared to engage in dialogues about the island's art and ecology.

In response to this unique request, we have begun a collaborative project with Madeira youth art organizations and schools to create collaboration and join us for Madeira Whale Fest


The Municipality of Funchal has been an invaluable partner, colleague, and supporter, and we are eternally thankful to them.

For the possibility to acquire extra funding from the Erasmus + European Programme, as well as for the continual support, brainstorming, daring ideas, and outstanding volunteers provided by our organization ARTE.M, we are eternally thankful.

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