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  • Islands 2023, Solidarity, Madeira
    Fri, 24 Feb
    Funchal, Madeira
    Call for artist, Islands 2023, Solidarity, Deadline for application 10.12.2022
    Thu, 10 Feb
    Igor Redkin is the Ukrainian born artist and designer. Igor’s works have been exhibited in Kiev University Museum of Art and Architecture, Ra Gallery, Alter Ego Gallery, French Cultural Center, Art Gallery of KPMG. Sophisticated art installations and experiments with lightning are adapted in many
    Tue, 28 Sept
    For the sixth year in a row, we have been carrying out a project in our art center Caravel, which helps to bring together artists from our Madeira island and artists living abroad. This year we want to talk about revival. On the revival of hopes, freedom, love and art.
  • The World of Marcos Milewski .
    Wed, 05 May
    Rua D. Carlos I 19A
    Marcos Milewski is one of the best known artists working in Madeira today. At the new exhibition, we will present the artist’s new works and a special selection of his most significant works.
  • Live stream with artist from Madeira island Paulo Silva
    Sat, 12 Dec
    Life stream with Artist of Madeira island
    Young people are the driving force in the world, so as young artist in the art. International Art Center Caravel understands it..That’s why you should pay attention to our live stream with Paulo Silva, Saturday 10.30.. Let’s start the weekend together He will tell us more about his art, and of cour
  • live stream with artist Pedro Alves
    Tue, 01 Dec
    Online via our Facebook page
    It is our pleasure to announce a live stream with our artists every week! Starting from Tuesday at 14h with Pedro Alves. A short and unique opportunity to find out more about his work and ask questions !!
  • Unique Halloween activity for Kids on Madeira
    Sat, 31 Oct
    Rua Dom Carlos I, 19A
    🍁 Donation: 4 € Age: 7-14 years old The number of participants is limited. Contact to sign up:
    Tue, 01 Sept
    Art Gallery Caravel
    For the fifth year in a row, we have been carrying out an annual project at our Art Center Caravel, which helps to bring together artists from our Madeira island and artists living abroad, in the form of an annual themed exhibition.
  • "DAS MÁSCARAS". Sara Santos.Summer 2020
    Wed, 24 Jun
    Rua Dom Carlos I, 19A
    O show é a nossa primeira ANTI Covid ação. Uma exposição cuja aparência seria impossível seis meses atrás. Hoje, as pessoas mascaradas já são comuns. Rotina, dever. Para Sara Santos, esse é um meio de brincar, de expressar sua posição. E não faz muito tempo, seu tópico obcecado era esboços de rua, f
    Wed, 18 Dec
    Art Center Caravel
    For our traditional winter art show, we have united all the artists with whom we collaborated all this year.
  • Dreams and Meaning Exhibition. November 2019
    Fri, 08 Nov
    Art Center Caravel
    This exhibition focuses on four artistic talents –Marcos Milewski, Fatima Spinola, Samuel Santos & Freta Ngo - at different stages of their careers, exploring interpretive identity, and artists` self-perceptions of the landscapes of the dream states and visage.
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