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Manifest – Islands 2024 – OCEAN

At our esteemed annual international showcase, "Islands," we embark on a profound exploration of the subject matter that resonates most deeply with the artistic souls of Madeira. With the honor of Madeira being given the status of Whale Heritage Area in 24, we have selected the expansive ocean as our focus point as we observe our 24th year.

In this evocative journey, we invite artists to traverse the intricate tapestry of our interconnectedness with the sea. We will explore the interdependent relationship between humans and the watery depths as a group, contemplating the deep consequences of our shared existence with the aquatic world. We will reveal the subtleties of our everyday interactions as inhabitants of this island refuge via the artistic lens.

We are bound together by a sacred trust in the transformative potential of creative expression; we have set out on a serious quest to put into words the core of our intertwined story, which is as dynamic as the tides and as magical as the inhabitants of the underwater world.

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