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Marcos Milewski

Marcos Milewski, is an established Argentinian-born artist, working on Madeira island. He has a highly individual style of painting... , using symbolism and surrealism.

He is best known as the author of giant painted murals in Funchal on Madeira island. A huge BLUE WHALE mural in Funchal is familiar to every visitor and resident.

 His another famous work is the door number 77 on Santa Maria street (rua de Santa Maria), right in the heart of the art district of Madeira island.The street is known by its  painted doors street (project) and situated in downtown, old street of Funchal. artE pORtas abErtas - this project is probably one of the most famous between all the art districts in Portugal, being the best example of high quality urban art in Portugal.

Our gallery presents the largest collection of paintings and sculptures made by the master.

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