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NINA for exhibition "Ilhas 2020 - Isolation"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I am Nina, daughter of the small and paradisiac Island of Madeira.

Always knew that what made me happy and fulfilled was the world of arts.

Therefore in high school i entered in Visual Arts,and even thought i didn’t continue my studies in this area I never stopped creating art.

During the pandemic (COVID-19), the quarantine shutted down my ego and forced me to spill out all my confusion, desire, abomination, passion and loneliness in canvanses, clay and paints.

My works are the manifestion of all the deformed characters that live in me.

I wish to all the spectators to be able to find in my work the true shape of their egos.

DESAPEGOS acrylic on canvas 40x70cm 2020 SOLD

QUIMERA acrylic on canvas 30x24cm 2020 PRICE: 100 EUROS +IVA

INSONIA clay, acrylic 2020 PRICE: 80 EUROS +IVA

ZÉ clay, acrylic 2020 SOLD

DARIO clay, acrylic 2020 PRICE: 60 EUROS +IVA RESERVED

CECILIO clay, acrylic 2020 SOLD

JORGE clay, acrylic 2020 PRICE: 60 EUROS +IVA

TIKA clay, acrylic 2020 PRICE: 35 EUROS +IVA

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