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Emilio Joaquin for Art Show "Islands.2021.Revival"

“Art is escape from the reality, when I start painting I disconnect myself, I’m in my own world.”

Emilio Joaquin is born in Venezuela, but he lives now in Tenerife where he is studying at university.

He came to Madeira to stay with her girlfriend and to relax a bit after the experience of living in Venezuela.

He draws since he was 10 years old but around 15, he started doing more works.

Emilio gets inspired mainly by cartoons and his own imagination.

He usually starts doing a line in the paper, then he is very spontaneous going on, he doesn’t plan what to draw before, he just starts

2 years ago, he started getting bored of his technique, so he decided to divide the painting, to create a composition instead of just one figure.

Now there is about one centimetre between the different drawing pieces, they are separated like a puzzle.

The meaning behind his art is that there is no idea behind, there are no names for his drawing because they represent just what comes out from his head, so every piece is unique.

He also did some portrait with a more minimalistic clean technique, with a white background instead of random drawings.

He draws with colours as well but prefers to do black and white to get a better result.

He made some works for his friends but doesn’t want to keep them for himself, he just has 2 in his house, the first ones he did which are special for him even if his technique wasn’t completely developed yet.

He wants to sell all of them, otherwise he would have his room full of drawings since he keeps producing new ones

He hopes being an artist will be his job one day, since it would be like not working for him as he likes drawing so much.

By Steven Gheno

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