Pedro Alves for exhibition "Ilhas 2020 - Isolation"

Updated: Sep 2

I began painting as a form of healing and ultimately as a way of allowing a more genuine form of self-expression to occur. It is safe to say that art has been a companion throughout my spiritual journey. My aim with every piece is to allow the image to flow from me, creating a harmonious outcome.” – Pedro Alves, Portuguese abstract artist from Madeira island.

He has recently moved away from using canvas as the base of his work, and instead relies on the smoother surface of hardboard, often of unusual dimensions, to allow his brushless manipulation of merging colors to produce an emotional, almost surrealist, universe of emerging forms that stimulate and provoke the viewer´s subconscious.

"ROYALTY", acrylic on board 100x60cm, 2020, unframed SOLD