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Pedro Alves: Find Portuguese abstract artist from Madeira island.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

For several years now Pedro has been actively involved in Madeira Island´s cultural life, and a prominent figure in the island´s art community.

during the exhibition on Madeira island
Pedro Alves at Art Center Caravel

As a child I always loved to paint and draw, but as with many people, life happened and I was pulled towards the material, tangible dimension of life. University, "real" jobs and bills to pay. I always felt the need to go back into into my creativity and I needed a wake up call for it to happen. In 2016 I began experiencing anxiety. It was hard in the beginning but ultimately pushed me to reevaluate the way I was living. I started painting and quickly fell in love with fluid art (acrylic pour method or Fluid Painting technique), where the artists don’t have as much control over the piece as with other techniques. Since then, I have had two children started a business and am now fully dedicated to developing my abstract art.

About his inspiration and motivation. How to be Abstract artist in Portugal.

I usually come up with a concept, something that flows and feels like a complete piece, something that resonates with my own heart, then when the paint begins to flow, I adapt because the paint has a life of its own. This is probably why I enjoy painting so much, because each piece is a bit like life. You have a plan, it doesn't go as you expected, you adapt, you overcome, you make mistakes into lessons and make the whole thing as beautiful as you can. Sometimes you are in control, others you can just sit back and surrender. Usually as I paint, I listen to a British philosopher called Alan Watts. With his words in the background, my mind is silent and my senses are totally focused on the physical experience of making that piece. Silence and presence.

What do you think about modern art in Portugal and on Madeira island

Madeira is a vision of beauty itself and as such has the capacity to inspire creative expression. The talent is amazing, both from local and foreign artists. I am astonished by the technical ability I see in plenty of the works. Although I would like to see the range of styles be pushed a bit more, I think that has been happening more over the last few years.

Pedro's future plans and vision: see myself living in the countryside with my family and a dozen other people in a small community. We grow most of our food and spend our days working in the field, listening to music, painting and meditating. We have accommodation for visitors to come and go, renewing the collective energy. My bank account is constantly expanding and so I take a couple of breaks a year to travel to the East with my family. We all enjoy perfect health. Fears? Everything and also nothing.

Veronika Zhezhovska 16.11.2020m


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