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Samuel Santos at Art Center Caravel

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Artist´s Overview: “Man exists destined to cease existing…

Creation of matter until its disintegration

Samuel Santos on "Islands-2019", Madeira, Art Center Caravel

“My painting Seeds of Aphrodite was inspired by the work "Birth of Venus" by Botticelli, I´ve tried to represent inherent, ever-fruitful, and cyclical, fertility with a symbolic pomegranate, but chose to veil transient Beauty itself, which Nature uses as but a means to an end.”


SEEDS OF APHRODITE Oil on canvas 2019 Size: 100х70

My painting Memoriae Magistrorum (Teachers of Memory) was inspired by the song “Teachers” by Leonard Cohen, I´ve tried to represent death, memories, history, life and the end of something…despite all experience, at the end, the individual is faceless. SOLD

MEMORIAE MAGISTORUM (TEACHERS OF MEMORY) Oil on canvas 2019 Size: 100х80

“My final painting for the 2019 #Islands exhibition is titled Melancholy, and was inspired by the 2011 movie `Melancholia´ by Lars von Trier, and represents the conformity and acceptance of circumstances… the head of the sitter is replaced by the cosmologic formula for colliding planets that scientists refer to as the Dance of Death.”

MELANCHOLY Oil on canvas 2019 Size: 60х50. SOLD
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