The clarity, intensity and liveliness of the colors, an incredible 3D world by Heidrun Edsperger.

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Heidrun was born in 1965, in Pfinzweiler, a small tranquil village (today Straubenhardt) in Baden - Württemberg, where she grew up. In 2009 she moved to beautiful Lower Saxony. From 2009 to 2018 she lived in Lower Saxony and devoted herself to my studio, the art. Now she have arrived here on this beautiful island Madeira and here she gets new inspirations every day.

Heidrun was already represented at several exhibitions and art fairs, among others in Baden-Baden (Germany) Mannheim (Germany) Island Sylt (Germany) and has been awarded several art awards.

At Heidrun´s studio

during he opening of exhibition at Art Center Caravel

Heidrun Edsperger works experimentally with spatula and brush and lives out his own motives. She sets the colors equally emotional and head-controlled.

Each of these color gestures is a personal experience. In her style, she mixes the subject and the abstract depending on the desire. She attaches great importance to her color compositions.

The clarity, intensity and liveliness of the colors are reflected in many of her paintings.

Experience and feel the colors with everything they express should be an independent experience for every viewer.

You think you've already seen everything, but Heidrun has developed your art to take the viewer into an incredible 3D world, giving them the opportunity to discover new things in the images.

Madeira gives you new inspiration and inner peace that you won't find anywhere else in the world. The fresh air, clean water, quiet forests, rushing waterfalls and the vastness of the horizon and friendly, cheerful people. The energy of this beautiful island has a positive influence on my work.

Young artists should simply incorporate this positive energy from this island into their work. Art should be lived and felt. -says Heidrun.

Life stream with Heidrun

Veronika Zhezhovska

ARTE.M cultural and artistic association from Madeira island

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