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Marta Horodniczy

Young Polish-born graphic artist and illustrator, now based in Madeira,  also working in a fabric and clothing design, specializing in highly colorful watercolors.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Poland. Completed a degree in: Textiles and Clothing, postgraduate course in Computer Graphics and in Illustration.

She has experience in design patterns since 2009, using   a watercolor technique, drawing and also a collage.

Her favorite patterns are now flowers of Madera island. Her first exhibition in Madeira was within the framework of the project “Islands” at Art Center Caravel, where she presented the first collection of watercolors collages represented images of Madeira island´s flowers. Surprisingly, the beginning of this exhibition coincided with the Madeira Island Flower Festival, becoming a co-ordinate addition to the program of festival. A good signal for a young artist looking for his art path in a new place in Portugal.

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