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Marta Horodniczy - Polish beauty and Portuguese joie de vivre in Madeira island flower drawings.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

When you move to a new place and cannot at first explain yourself in a new language, you can easily learn to communicate with gestures, for example, drawing. This is exactly what happened to Marta, a young Polish artist and illustrator, when she moved to Madeira island. The Portuguese language sounds simple, but it’s not easy to start speaking. . Soon she fell in love with the nature of the place and learnt to portray it with her work, becoming immediately understandable to local people.

Flowers, colourful feminine portraits, the inclusion of elements of natural life, all this can be seen in the artist's watercolour collages. You can see the famous Flower Festival in Madeira all year round simply by visiting the permanent exhibition of Marta Horodniczy at Art Center Caravel

''My area of art is drawing, painting and creating patterns and posters inspired of my handmade pictures. Mainly I use a watercolour technique (aquarelle, ink), drawing (crayons, pencils, ink) and creating collages. In those works, I express my fascination of the nature. And here is one of my motivations of living in Madeira, this Island has everything I need to be the best version of myself. When I’m walking among trees, flowers, levadas. When I’m watching the ocean and smell the air. When I’m on the mountain and I admire the view. I feel peace and that is for me the most important message for being an artist. I think, everyone has particular stuff to do in this world.''

The creative process for me is the most interesting, because that power gives the connection of every day life, it gives an individual character and i never know what the end of result will be.''

Marta is currently working on a detail that will become perhaps the most striking part of the project the Painted doors in Funchal. It is she who can become the author of the floristic door in the new art space Art Food Corner, combining her Polish roots, her own style and the Portuguese traditions of hospitality in a new place.

PAPAGAIO. Watercolor, collage 103x73cm


LADY VIOLET. Watercolor, collage 43x33cm

Veronika Zhezhovska


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