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Alicia Lewington for the first time in our art space

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

“Art is for everybody, and every single person has their own perspective of what art is. For me, art is whatever makes you feel alive. It was also where i found healing and confidence in myself.”

Alicia Lewington is a young amateur artist. Her mother is from Madeira, and her father from United Kingdom. She lived in both countries, but at the moment she lives on Madeira Island.

Even though Alicia painted since very young age, she started to paint more often and more seriously during the time of the pandemic. She shared with us that because of the extra time, she decided to do deep introspection and found her passion. When Alicia realized she how good she is in art, she decided to follow her intuition.

When she was younger, Alicia wanted to be a model. She loved fashion and her dream was to become a famous model. Fashion was one way of expressing herself and her creativity. On the other hand, it helped her to boost her self-esteem. However, after trying the UK market, she did not succeed as model.

Alicia finds inspiration in femininity, especially in the women she sees daily on Instagram and on TV. She is inspired by women’s power, and likes to recreate their energy in her paintings, she says it also inspires her to take back that same power for herself. After living in the UK, she decided to go back to Madeira as she felt that here is her safe place, her own paradise, and she sees more inspiration on the island.

"Islands. 2021 - REVIVAL" will be her 1st exhibition. She shared with us that she is excited but also afraid. For a first time she will be showing her art in front of many people and other artists. For this exhibition, Alicia will create 3 paintings and 5 sketches, all inspired by feminine energy, power in being graceful, and the importance of feeling good in your own body.

Alicia is a true example on how difficult times can lead to powerful revival!

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