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''We can all contribute by living solidarity on a small scale'' - Aicha Djibey for Islands Show 2023

One month to go until the Islands 2023 ''SOLIDARITY'' exhibition. We met with Aisha and discussed why she joined this event. Keep reading and find out where she found the motivation for the new art pieces.

What does SOLIDARITY mean to you in view of today's world situation?

Being in the here and now, living solidarity on a small scale, not seeing colours, religion or cultural backgrounds... just people. And in the end to remember that we all need the same things and have the same dreams. I am shocked by this war and I feel a great helplessness.

Designed by Kristijan Trifunovski

How does the war affect you and your art?

I am aware that I cannot change anything about the war. Art Caravel has shown me a way to do something anyway. Art is my lifeblood and I am so happy that I can be a part of this exhibition by donating my art.

Have you started making artwork for this year's exhibition and what can we expect?

I have been here for a year and I need to get my bearings. I want to learn to assess the art market and so I am completely

free in my making. I have created paintings just for this exhibition. At the last exhibition I donated two paintings and both

were sold. That was a booster, of course. They are two very different works, a dreamy, other-worldly one and a realistic one.

I'm curious to see how it affects the audience.

Do you think art is an influential way of expressing your opinion on a particular issue and an effective way of expressing yourself?

Unfortunately, I am not a political person. I was free to express myself! I grew up in Germany, never experienced war or lack.

In the meantime, there are quicker and more effective tools for expressing one's opinion and more far-reaching ones. I see art as

essential to my existence and also as a luxury to live it out. If I couldn't paint, I would get sick!

What is your motivation to continue being creative and avoid burnout?

For me, painting and being creative is meditation, immersing my soul and being completely for myself. I love this flow that comes

when you have the feeling that the painting is going to be really good. It's a feeling of happiness! And it lasts for a long time. It is something that I do just for me and caresses my soul.

Read the manifest for the exhibition ''Islands 2023'' HERE

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