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ARThubMadeira - the place where ART comes first!

If you are you an artist seeking a warm and welcoming community, a place to grow your skills, and a chance to share your work with the world, ARThub Madeira is the place to be!

Just in the middle of old-town Funchal on the breathtaking island of Madeira, ARThubMadeira is the creative place you've been dreaming of. As a hub that was only created in May, we're proud to coexist with ARTE.M, cultural and art association and Art Center Caravel which stands as a one-of-a-kind contemporary art gallery and shop in Portugal.

But, let's talk about how ARThub Madeira started. It began with our love for art and this special place we share with Art Center Caravel and ARTE.M and our desire to bring art and people together. Our gallery reflects our daily lives, filled with inspiration, and our connections both locally and internationally. We realized that Madeira needed something more, a creative space, a place where artists can connect, collaborate, and support one another. A place where art comes alive through co-working, mentoring, art residency, and the start of incredible art and cultural projects. We envisioned a comfortable and inclusive environment that welcomes both emerging talents and professionals.

Our passion extends to supporting all kinds of art and cultural projects. But what truly sets our hearts on fire is when artists take the initiative. We're looking for motivated individuals with unwavering love for their craft, who believe in themselves and their artistic journey.

So, how exactly do we lend our support?

Well, first and most important, we offer you a physical space right in the historic art center of Funchal. It's not just a place, it's a creative hub for events, trainings, workshops, and creative exploration. It's a space where you can work, bring art pieces and installations to life, and collaborate on exciting projects. But that's not all—we also provide project mentoring and guidance, helping you navigate the world of grant programs and opportunities. We're flexible, independent, and always ready to learn and grow alongside our amazing community of artists.

For years, our association and art center have been engaged in international art projects. Every single day, our art center welcomes many visitors from all around the world, often leaving them pleasantly surprised by the art scene in Madeira. Through our projects, we've been able to offer young artists from Madeira incredible opportunities to attend free international trainings and courses. In the past two years alone, we've proudly sent groups to Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria, Sardinia, Romania, France, Macedonia, Lithuania, and Poland.

We're eagerly awaiting funding approval for several more projects related to international collaborations in the art world.

At ARThubMadeira, we're not just here to showcase talent—we're here to make it grow. We're passionate about creating a supportive and inclusive space for local artists to thrive, while also providing a platform for talented individuals from around the globe. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting your artistic journey, we invite you to become part of our art community. Your unique perspective and artistic voice are valuable to us. With our commitment to embracing creativity and growth, we offer a range of programs and resources designed to help artists develop their skills and careers.

For example, right now, we still have an open call for summer art residency! Learn more and see if it is something you will be interested taking part in.


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