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Be like a local? Be together with Soft city project!

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t even know who your neighbor is? Do you need to drive to the closest café just to enjoy your morning ritual? Well, this is exactly what “soft city” is NOT.

Soft city is a place where you feel more connected to the people, environment and nature around you.

Imagine this: You wake up, get yourself ready, and head to work. You don’t need to drive, you just walk there, and you feel safe about it. Sometimes, when you skip coffee, you like to sit down on the benches overlooking the river and morning bikers, just to relax your mind before the busy day. You feel at home. You feel as a part of the community, part of this friendship. You feel alive! You know you belong here, and this is your “soft city”.

"My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur project"

A project created by partners from 4 countries has already been launched in Madeira. France, Sweden, Romania and Portugal get together to create a soft city for everyone, both for residents and for those who are new to the city.

The project has started ! In August we all gathered in Lund, Sweden for first partner meeting to brainstorm and plan the project agenda during two wonderful rainy days.

What's next? A huge number of trainings, exchange of ideas, travels and discoveries lie ahead. And we expect that the project will become an important part of the urban culture of our city of Funchal and will help to discover the whole island of Madeira.

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