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Celeste Ada Jane Flintham for exhibition "Ilhas 2020 - Isolation"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

My name is Celeste Ada Jane Flintham and I am 9 years old. I was born in London, England and I have been coming to Madeira since I was 4 months old, then 5 years ago my family and I decided to move here properly.

I go to the International Sharing School in Funchal and ‘Lockdown’ was a very strange time for me, I did lots of online schooling but I really missed seeing my friends, well I did see them on the computer screen, but it wasn’t the same as I couldn’t hug and play with them, it was very isolating. I also missed, and still do all my friends and family back in the UK and I am not sure when I will see them again and it makes me sad.

My Art Installation ‘Covid – 19 a Childs’ Perspective’ is my version of how that time felt for me and the art it inspired me to create.

When Covid – 19 started it was a very scary situation for me, not being able to go out and when you do, having to wear masks everywhere. I love art and created a lot during my time in Lockdown. One of my favourite types of art is Japanese Manga and was inspired by this style to create many pictures during Lockdown.

I had to put a lot of detail into the eyes of my pictures, using lots of colour and trying to add character. Covid – 19 has made it very hard to see people’s facial expressions properly; are they smiling? are they sad? So I tried to put as much feeling as possible into the eyes.

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