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Where to find a street art artist in Portugal? On the surf! Christian Gold, arty surfing soul.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Christián Gold studied at the art atelier of Graphic Design at the Art Faculty of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Aussig, in the Czech Republic. From the very beginning he was fascinated by Polish Poster, Gold has already exhibited his posters in Warsaw, Prague, Aussig, as well in Serbia, and Mexico City between another contemporary Polish Poster artists. His first exhibition on Madeira island was in August, 2017. Since then, he has been exclusively presented in Portugal at Art Center Caravel, one of the biggest contemporary art gallery on Madeira island.

Christian Gold, young artist whose art is constantly presented in Art Center Caravel

Gold specifically chose the medium of wood for his collection for Madeira island landscapes paintings on wood a nod to local traditions. Also, as part of an experiment - how to make the medium of contemporary graphic design more attractive and accessible to clients used to the environment of the contemporary art gallery, which works with young emerging artists.

"Another heroes are ugly too", serigraphy, SOLD
"Another heroes are ugly too", serigraphy, SOLD




At school I did draw like they told me so. But I also felt I was losing the natural "animal" creative part of myself. So when I ended up with my friend from France, who came up with the idea of making a living by selling art, I decided to be more of a caveman artist than a university perfectionist, because that more real. I think I can give more energy and also leave a mark from myself.

Christian Gold fans

Your artistic way?

Christián: I do not think I am someone who has a message to give. Every piece of my work is different, and sometimes there is no message from me, just as this world has summers and winters, also in my worlds times changing, and my pictures show what is happening there now. Therefore, I can not answer this question. If I had to, I would say that I support other people to try to use their inner worlds more, because if you do not use it, you will lose it.

part of Gold series, Serigraph on wood with acrylic

Art or urban art on Madeira island? What do you think about art and cultura on Madeira island and art community on Madeira island ?

Christián: For the art of Madeira, I think it is very international, because there are a lot of people like me who came there to be art of art community on Madeira found inspiration there (I heard legends about the energy of the mystery that the Islands awaken in people). It is like a bay of art, where you have art from many cultures, souls inspired by a beautiful place This is why I would like to get art there.

Christian Gold place at Art Center Caravel

We noticed that some of your works are reminiscent of Basquiat style...

Christián: I have no idols. When I draw people, I'm very similar to Egon Schiele, at the University, a girl told me that in drawing classes, it took me a year to look at the books and I found out she's right. But I did not worked with it more deep, for me it is just a coincidence. Later on the streets, I wanted to do something that is good and different from graffiti, so I painted a pictures, I wanted to do it rare and very easy to remember. And one could say that he is very similar to the Basquiat style. And it is true, but I am not influenced by it. I'm just someone who is similar. The Basquiat was not the first in urban art, in ancient Rome there were a similar graffiti with this style. It’s just style. I have made a few works in the same motives and colors as the Basquiat just to prove that my style is different, but people just saw it as "Well he is definitely influenced by the Basquiat“. There are so many artists in the past, whatever style you have, someone else has already had it. This is a fact. The best way is not to change it, but to improve it to push it to another level. And than someone new will come and take what you push and push more in the future. This is a good system.

CULTURAL DISSONANCE, Serigraph on wood with acrylic , triptych

Size: 60.7х40.4 CM each, available for purchase

During Gold exhibition at Art Center Caravel, Madeira island

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