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Elisabeth Den (Ukraine)for Art show "Islands.2021.REVIVAL"

“Art is freedom first of all. Here you can express yourself. There is no "right" or "wrong" art. Art is the soul of the artist. Art is a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, sometimes even over the centuries. Art is eternity"

Elisabeth Den is an Ukrainian volunteer who came to madeira last April to work at the caravel art center for an Erasmus project. She is an artist too and she has decided to join the international group of people who will present their work at the next island exhibition of the gallery: Revival. We interviewed her after her decision to bring her own works to the gallery.

She told us that Madeira has changed her a lot. Here her art has become more conscious, and she has begun to experiment. The environment of like-minded people she met at the gallery played an important role in that.

Elisabeth likes to use different materials to represent

her ideas in her works. Sometimes it seems to her that paint is not enough, so she uses also other techniques always selected for a specific purpose, to show the meaning of the picture.

She considers her paintings as metaphors, that means something different for each person. She likes symbolism and how it can convey an idea to someone.

She is inspired by people and life around her, particularly by feminine strength and beauty. She uses Ukrainian embroidery in her works, so her culture has an incredible impact on her.

Elisabeth told us that she has always loved Ukrainian culture, she believes that it is incredibly beautiful and rich. She uses "Vyshyvanka" in clothes, as well as various ornaments in her everyday life, where each embroidered ornament has its own meaning.

She likes to combine and show the world these ornaments introducing them to her artworks, by doing that she puts the Ukrainian soul into the picture.

Vyshyvanka decoration in one painting

By Steven Gheno

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