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Erika Sall (Estonia) for the International Art show "ISLANDS 2021 -REVIVAL"

This year, the Islands exhibition "Revival" will be enriched with one more young Estonian artist – Erika Sall.

Erika fell in love with Madeira Island during her stay in Camara das Lobos, where she did a volunteering project. She was part of the street art installation in the same town, which impresses many tourists, as well as locals. At the moment, Erica lives and works as a scenographer and artist in the capital of Estonia -Tallinn. We had a chance to ask her few questions, just before she boarded on her flight to Madeira. This time she is bringing her art that will be presented during the Islands 2021 exhibition.

What is your definition of art?

Art for me is stream of consciousness. It is me trying to catch my thoughts and feelings. My paintings are like layers of my emotions.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration is very much lead by the materials, tools, and colours I work with, as well as my mood. Sometimes on good canvas or veneer you can see a picture before starting to paint or sketch, I feel like the material’s texture tells me a story. Other times, something what is not possible to express with words, is just born on a canvas.

What did you create while volunteering in Madeira?

For the street installations we only applied unused objects and materials, which were rescued from garbage or in beach cleaning actions. Upcycling and street art meet each other on the streets of Camara the Lobos.

Has Madeira Island influenced your style?

During my long-term ESC volunteering project in Camara de Lobos at NGO Teatro Metafora, during the second wave of the pandemic (September 2020 until March 2021), I had totally different info input from the environment, so definitely my style was influenced, and this became a part of me.

Because of that, my oval expressionist florals have more light and colour in them, also my art is full of good memories and emotional stories from Madeira. And in general, I think different climate influences artist’s style, just like different weather enhances the taste of food.

What are you planning to create for the REVIVAL exhibition?

My idea for installation, which I have not been able to make real yet, is my working clothes that have acrylic paint from work processes (skirts, overalls, blouses, mixing pallets). Those look very expressive on clothing string as you would air dry the clean clothes usually with pegs.

In my case I would line up my work process motion on working clothes. I think people like to see the raw passion of painters. In addition, I have few paintings that are inspired by the time I spent in Madeira.

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