Freta NGO for exhibition "Ilhas 2020- Isolation"

Updated: 3 days ago

My name is Fredrik Robens, I am a 21 year old artist residing on Madeira island attending the Universidade da Madeira, Visual Arts.

I was born 1999 in Dortmund (Germany). I started painting when I was around 3 Years old facing racism in Germany as a half-cast. I’m the son of a German father and an Angolan mother. My predetermined identity crisis made me painting psychoanalytical faces, choosing monsters and „ugly faces“ as subjects of my visual language, at the time when I still wasn’t able to express properly due to traumatizing experiences that made me stuttering and decelerating the process of learning how to speak.

I studied for 1 year African-Studies in Leipzig (Germany) to raise awareness of my identity and to understand my position in society.

I was inspired by artists that have the same passion of depicting cruelty of life and suffering of people, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon, Otto Dix, Van Gogh, Picasso, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Käthe Kollwitz and Arno Rink.

My work can be found in Amymon Gallery (Bratislava), I participated at the Luso-Angolan Market in Cascais and at the Akassa Festival in Vienna, Exhibition in Tabor (Czech Republic). And will participate in exhibition Bratislava and Praga.

HYSTERIA Oil on Wood 61x44cm PRICE: 285 EUROS +IVA

PREMATURE AGING Oil and Soft Pastel on Canvas 40x30cm PRICE: 166 EUROS +IVA

QUARANTINE BOOZE-UP Oil and Soft Pastel on Canvas 50x40cm PRICE: 388 EUROS +IVA


RASTAPUNZEL Oil on Fabric 52x29cm PRICE: 285 EUROS +IVA

AUTUMN Oil and Soft Pastel on Fabric 39x34.5cm PRICE: 200 EUROS +IVA

MELTING POT Acrylic and Aquarell on Paper 42x30cm PRICE: 85 EUROS +IVA

“YES, WE CAN’T BREATHE” Oil on Paper 42x30cm PRICE: 116 EUROS +IVA

FRA NGO Aquarell and Pen on Paper 50x43.5cm PRICE: 140 EUROS +IVA

STILL LIFE WITH CHAIR Soft Pastel on Paper 42x30cm PRICE: 116 EUROS +IVA

DANCING KLAUS Aquarell and Pen on Paper 20.5x15cm PRICE: 45 EUROS +IVA

BORDER POLICY (BUST) Plaster 59x27x30cm PRICE: 580 EUROS +IVA

BLUE Modeling Paste (painted with esmalte) 14x9x10cm PRICE: 85 EUROS +IVA

4 SEASONS Modeling Paste (painted with oil colors) 11x9cm PRICE: 50 EUROS +IVA

INTERFERENCE Aquarell on Plaster 11.5x11.5x3cm PRICE: 45 EUROS +IVA