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Freta NGO for exhibition "Ilhas 2020- Isolation"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

From the artist:

My name is Fredrik Robens, I am a 22 year old artist residing on Madeira island attending the Universidade da Madeira, Visual Arts.

I was born 1999 in Dortmund (Germany). I started painting when I was around 3 years old, while facing racism in Germany as a half-cast. I’m the son of a German father and an Angolan mother. My predetermined identity crisis made me painting psychoanalytical faces, choosing monsters and „ugly faces“ as subjects of my visual language, at the time when I still wasn’t able to express properly due to traumatizing experiences that made me stuttering and decelerating the process of learning how to speak.

I studied African-Studies for 1 year in Leipzig (Germany) to raise awareness of my identity and to understand my position in society.

I was inspired by artists that have the same passion of depicting cruelty of life and suffering of people, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon, Otto Dix, Van Gogh, Picasso, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Käthe Kollwitz and Arno Rink.

My work can be found in Amymon Gallery (Bratislava), I participated at the Luso-Angolan Market in Cascais and at the Akassa Festival in Vienna, Exhibition in Tabor (Czech Republic). And will participate in exhibition Bratislava and Praga.

At Art Center Caravel, during the exhibition

HYSTERIA Oil on Wood 61x44cm
PREMATURE AGING Oil and Soft Pastel on Canvas 40x30cm
QUARANTINE BOOZE-UP Oil and Soft Pastel on Canvas 50x40cm
RASTAPUNZEL Oil on Fabric 52x29cm SOLD
AUTUMN Oil and Soft Pastel on Fabric 39x34.5cm
MELTING POT Acrylic and Aquarell on Paper 42x30cm
“YES, WE CAN’T BREATHE” Oil on Paper 42x30cm
FRA NGO Aquarell and Pen on Paper 50x43.5cm
STILL LIFE WITH CHAIR Soft Pastel on Paper 42x30cm
DANCING KLAUS Aquarell and Pen on Paper 20.5x15cm

BORDER POLICY (BUST) Plaster 59x27x30cm
BLUE Modeling Paste (painted with esmalte) 14x9x10c SOLD
4 SEASONS Modeling Paste (painted with oil colors) 11x9cm
INTERFERENCE Aquarell on Plaster 11.5x11.5x3cm


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