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From Poland to Madeira...bring "Wonder forest in the Jar"

“Art is a creative process, full of emotions.

There are different kinds of art so it’s difficult to find one good definition of it,

I think that a good one is that art is freedom.”

This is the idea of art of Andrzej Gniado, a Polish man who started a new unique project in Madeira Island, creating capsule glass gardens with a closed biosphere inside.

He told us that he considers his work as a kind of art, like Japanese bonsai art or Ikebana art.

Every jar he makes is unique he says, you can’t find 2 similar ones.

The glass gardens fit to all interiors, modern ones like offices, apartments, lofts, offices, hotels, but also to retro and classic interiors like old villas or palaces.

The project fits well also with other forms of art, there is always a good connection between nature and art in his opinion.

He creates different kind of biosphere inside, from bonsai tree to forest fern, some of them have stronger connection with art

Andrzej’s purpose is to work for nature lovers who wants to be close to nature and appreciate creative plats composition.

He collects the plants from the forest, he is creating different landscapes of madeira with unlimited possibilities.

Every jar is a small portion of landscape, for example he can recreate the forest with the fern, a composition with volcanic rocks and moss or use bonsai tree to recreate a landscape like Fanal.

Sometimes he also installs buildings inside, models or mock-ups of original buildings with details.

He buys most of the plants, but he also collects some of them directly from nature.

“Every jar is a small portion of landscape”

The jars are close environment working on their own.

Their care is very simple, and plants can live inside for ages.

The stabilization process is the most important step, after full stabilization, plants just need water once or twice per month, some doesn’t need any maintenance after that, depending on place, temperature, humidity, and light.

The plants inside last for a lot of time, even for many years, a closed natural circle is created inside with the same water circle around.

Andrzej told us that sometimes he feels like an artist creating a new jar, depending on how free he is in the composition process.

By Steven Gheno

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