Marcos Milewski from his private Art Studio for exhibition "Ilhas 2020 - Isolation"

Updated: Mar 14

A Walk Through An Exhibition – a Personal View

Marcos Milewski (b.1959 in Córdoba, Argentina) is a painter of Polish origin and Argentinian nationality, and is one of the best known artists working in Madeira today. His work is playful, but substantive at the same time, veering as it does between Symbolist and Surrealist fantasies. Some of his enormous street murals can be seen in central Funchal and are illustrated below. We can describe him as one of the most famous Portuguese surrealist artist, and large-scale. His works are on giant murals in Funchal, and he is one of the active participants in the project A artE de pORtas abertas, painted doors street in old town in Funchal.

Fresh look from artist studio

Defining Milewski`s painting according to fashionable artistic tendencies would be too simplistic because his inspirational sources span several cultures and influences: from Renaissance artists such as Jan van Eyck, running through to 20th century artists such as Rene Magritte and Balthus.

Curriculum vitae

1985 He studies etching with S. W. Hayter at Atelier 17, Paris,

1977-1979 He investigates methods and materials used by artists from XIIIth to XVIIth centuries at School of Arts, Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, National University of Cordoba, Argentina

1973-1978 He studies drawing and painting with Alvaro Izurieta in Cordoba, Argentina

Madeira island surrealistic landscapes, New series prepared by the artist for the exhibition "Island 2020" at Art Center Caravel

URBAN MATING CALL (BALEIA) acrylic on canvas 100x150cm 2020