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Marta Horodniczy for Art show "Islands 2021.Revival"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

“Art is part of my life. There is an interaction between me and the client visible in every painting, I’m creating something special for everyone so the style I’m using is related to them. I like to build good energy by painting, making my clients happy through art.”

This is the idea of art of Marta Horodniczy, a Polish artist who moved to Madeira some years ago and got influenced by the island environment since then.

For her there is not just one way of thinking about art, only one style, but she keeps getting inspired by what is around her, it’s an ever-changing process.

She uses pattern designs as a tool for her art, but she also gets free inspiration by creating art with her children that leads to new ideas.

When she came to Madeira, she created a lot of patterns inspired by the island.

For example, some of her clients wanted some paintings of landscapes, also she saw a lot of animals that inspired her a lot. In Poland she used to paint a lot of cats and here she noticed that they are popular too.

Portrait of a cat with flowers in the background.See details

The Madeiran environment influences her paintings, for introducing typical vegetation, flowers, and animals of the island in the collages.

Typical flowers of Madeira in the background of the portrait in “Lady in red”

Most of the inspiration for her paintings comes from her clients, who have a clear idea of what they would like to see in the painting and after they see her style and technique, they contact her for an opportunity to paint what they want.

In this situation she is just part of the process following the client’s idea but for her it’s a very interesting experience because she feels like connecting with other people and that allows her being a better person and a better artist.

She likes to first connect with someone and then she creates art related to them, it’s usually a compromise between what her client wants and what she can create, she particularly likes to show with her art what the client likes most.

This can result in different type of art created for a single commission, for example one client asked her for 4 paintings, 1 classic landscape with watercolour and the other 3 just ink drawings with black and white flowers.

She started painting 20 years ago and her art can be divided in 2 different paths, one is about graphic design and it’s mostly for money, while she feels more an artist while she creates paintings.

The 2 paths are very connected because painting allows her to be good at graphics.

Recently she is using the collage technique, with one colour as the background.

She started 4 years ago working with this technique, the background was at first filled with stripes and other little elements, but progressively she cleaned it to get just one shot of colour.

Her style keeps evolving, It’s never the same. For example, when she started painting she created charcoal portraits for just one year and she never did it again, now she sticks to collages.

Something which is not changing however is the topic of her art portraits with animals and flowers.

Portraits with Madeiran animals and flowers

Sometimes she keeps some of the paintings for herself.

When she paints for herself and not for clients, she likes symbolism related to her dreams.

For the next island exhibition at the Art Center Caravel “Revival”, she is planning to create some painting about flowers related to doors, to show where the beginning of her art was in Madeira.

By Steven Gheno, Curatorial assistant, Italy


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