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"My Soft City" Celebrating the Successful Culmination of a Two-Year Art Project

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In a lively and informative final meeting held in the city of Constanta, Romania, the near ending of a successful project was celebrated. Over the course of two years, this ambitious initiative brought together four diverse countries—Portugal, Sweden, France, and Romania—with the goal of fostering social and cultural entrepreneurship, integrating tourists and locals, and promoting interactive experiences. This final meeting for the project "My Soft City: From Flaneur to Entrepreneur" showcased the remarkable progress achieved and offered insightful suggestions to enhance the final results.

The attendees eagerly shared the progress made so far, highlighting the key elements that contributed to the project's success. One of the notable achievements was the development of interactive maps, providing visitors and residents alike with valuable information about the city's hidden gems, local businesses, and cultural landmarks.

Another noteworthy aspect of the project was the creation of thought-provoking games designed to engage both locals and youngsters. By gamifying elements of the city, participants were encouraged to discover new perspectives, connect with one another, and gain a deeper understanding of the city's unique characteristics. These interactive experiences not only brought joy and excitement to the participants but also fostered a sense of belonging and community engagement.

Central to the project's objectives was the sharing of entrepreneurship stories. Throughout the two-year project, partners from each of the four countries explored local entrepreneurs, listened and wrote their successful stories, creating a rich exchange of experiences and expertise. These stories were captured and compiled into an engaging website and an e-book, ensuring their accessibility to a wide audience. By highlighting these success stories, the project aimed to inspire others to pursue social and cultural entrepreneurship, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of entrepreneurs.

During the final meeting, participants engaged in meaningful discussions and offered suggestions to further improve the project's outcomes. These valuable insights included ideas for expanding the reach of the interactive maps, incorporating additional features to enhance user experiences, and developing partnerships with local organizations and businesses to ensure the sustainability of the project's initiatives. The spirit of collaboration and exchange was evident as participants worked together to refine their strategies and leave a lasting impact on the community.

The hosts of the final meeting in Constanta exemplified the renowned Romanian hospitality by going above and beyond to make the event memorable. Alongside the productive discussions and presentations, attendees were treated with Romanian home-cooked food for lunch.

After all, this project came to an end but the dedication, hard work, and innovative ideas shared by partners and participants from Portugal, Sweden, France, and Romania brought the vision of a "soft city" to life.


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