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Tereza Sýkorová for International Art show "ISLANDS 2021 -REVIVAL"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

“For me, Art is as an alchemist. Every time when I try to create something, it is necessary to understand my thoughts at that time. Very often I am scared that I am in a bad mood, and my art will end up as chaos. So, Art is like a way to understand myself.”

Tereza Sýkorová is a young Czech artist that has been on Madeira Island for few months now. For her, art is living and enjoying the moment. Very often she doesn’t have a draft, or a final goal. She likes to follow her intuition, and many times the last version of her art is much different that the first.

We were speaking with Tereza and tried to understand her unique style. When asked to describe her art in one word, she said – nomad. She is using the paints as tools to enjoy the flow. Most often, she creates art installations that consist of paintings, sculptures, and sometimes audio art.

What inspires her the most are authentic people. She shared with us that she feels like they are teaching her how to be herself and express as such.

Since Tereza has been here for a very short time, she is not sure how much her art has been influenced by the island, however she feels that the environment affected the colours she’s using. When painting in Prague, Tereza creates less colourful paintings, compared to the ones here. For her, the atmosphere on the island is more cheerful and relaxing. She shared with us that she is very happy and thankful to have this experience.

For the Revival show, Tereza is working on two sculptures, which might end up being trees. Also, she is working on one painting. The final installation will be combination of these three art-works, which somehow are also connected with the door she is painting on Santa Maria Street.

Marija Trifunovska

Funchal, Madeira


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