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Best events 2017

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

This art year began with our Grand art show "Islands". This annual show began a couple of years ago and has since become one of the main art events on Madeira island. We bring together artists of different nationalities and different countries.

Spring floristic art show "Flora Natura"

Prepared specifically for the annual Madeira Flower Festival *Festa das flores. All works are inspired by the flora and landscapes of Madeira island.

June 2017, summer in the city. Exhibition of watercolors by the Maderian artist Sara Santos, "Pormenores da essencia da rua de Santa Maria" "Details of Rua de Santa Maria" (Santa Maria street....

Famous "rua", life art object oin the center of Funchal. Known for its painted doors and now Sara Santos drawings.What attracts the artist? Small pieces of buildings, pavement ... windows, walls, roofs ...details

We finished the fruitful 2017 with a very peculiar show. Probably, until now, this exhibition can rightfully be called the most scandalous in the last 10 years of art life in Madeira and Portugal.

"Senses and Sensibility" by portuguese artist, realist Carlos Barahona Posollo.


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