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Best events 2018

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We started the year with the traditional international art show "Islands". As always, a dozen artists from different parts of Europe and of course, a large number of participants from Madeira island.

Rui Soares, Gilberto Soares, José Zyberchema, Thelma Henriques Martines,Theo Otte, Bettina Charlote Radatz, Helena Jardim, Luísa Oliveira, Alex Gordenkov, Cristian Gold, Isma Jonathan, Simone, Marcos Milewsky, Sonia Poli, Alexander Derkach, Wolf Dieter Kruchem for 2018.

Another major event, an international exhibition with the participation of a ballerina and a photographer from Ukraine Ksenia Orlova "Shapes of Ucranian Ballet"

Another collective exhibition took place in the fall "Riscos na Memoria" or "Scratched memory" were presented by several artists from Madeira island. Telma Henriques, Wolf Dieter Kruchem and first time for Art Center Caravel Heidrun Edsperger, 3d Dimention abstract artist


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