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Best events 2019

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Traditionally, art year at Art Center Caravel on Madeira island began with the international exhibition "Islands". Between the participants:

Telma Henrigues, Marcos Milewski, Theo Otte (Belgium), Rosa Ferreira, Pedro Alves, Samuel Santos, Benjamin Begin (France) and Christian Gold (Czech), Heidrun Edsperger (Germany), Aleksandr Derkach (Russia), Wolf Dieter Kruchem (Germany), Anna Fedorova (Russia), Rui Soares, Isma, Greg Pitches, Francisco Teixeira ceramics.

The first exhibition of the newly formed "artQUEER" collective.The exhibition is titled "100 normas", which in Portuguese is a wordplay. 100 and no norms at the same time.

Collective exhibition "Dreams and meaning". This exhibition was one of the best examples of combining paintings, sculptures and of installations. This is a great example of a collaboration of 5 local artist and our art curator. Samuel Santos, Marcos Milewski, Fatima Spinola, Luis de Jesus , Freta NGO and Cefyn Embling-Evans.


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