Christian Gold and his young art Explosion on Madeira island.

Updated: Mar 13

Christian Gold

Christian Gold studied at the art atelier in Czech Republic, his tutor was Dr. Karel Míšek Ph.D., considered a master of the art of the Polish poster.

His first exhibition on Madeira was in August, 2017.

Gold utilizes and is informed by, although not exclusively, cultural material surrounding his immersion in ''surfer'' sub-culture of which he is an active member. This gives his collection the benefit of certain qualities of 'Portuguese street art'' or surf artist, who is living in Portugal. Christian will move permanently to Portugal in the near future!

Perhaps soon it will be possible to find Christián Gold as an famous graffiti artist in Portugal and one of the first on Madeira island. Maybe his Portuguese graffiti will soon enrich the urban art and mural art of Madeira island and Portugal.

Here some of his works :

"Other Heroes are Ugly Too !" “My concept of Pop art Cristiano Ronaldo advanced with other basic icons of football, Messi, Maradona and Pele.

The meaning of this, is that if I can make fun of Portugal hero, I can also make fun of others from a similar lineage. It is also a comment on the importance society gives today to its celebrities. I should offer an apology for this provocation of an idol of Madeira- but it is done with tongue in cheek and means no offense..

Wood , collage 2018 Size: 83х59 cm SOLD