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Mass media about Art Center Caravel 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

This year began in an unusual way. The international pandemic sadly affected the art market . Art life on our island of Madeira has also changed a lot. We had to abandon a few big art projects and postpone them for the next GOOD year. However, we didn't stop. A lot of work on the creation of virtual art projects, showing exhibitions, reporting from artists' studios. However, we are proud to have done two big projects.

Exit from lockdown was in masks

Our first "post quarantine" exhibition we called "Masks"

"JM Madeira" about exhibition "Masks"

“It is a Joke to everyone … this Carnival. I refuse to wear a mask. I am healthy”

Sara Santos, artist, Madeira Island, Portugal

Famous personalities, politicians, those who are heard and the people around us. Our friends, teachers, artisans, administrators. People with whom we met easily exchanged kisses and drank coffee without fear of being condemned for disturbing public order or receiving a terrible disease.

Luís Camões, Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo De Sousa, António Luís Santos Da Costa, Filipe Duarte, Luís Sepúlveda, Mário Centeno, Graça Freitas, Marta Temido, António Manuel De Oliveira Guterres, Ferro Rodrigues, Pedro Lima. Politicians and famous people at the international level:

Jesus Christ, Pope Francis, Winston Churchill, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, QUEEN Elizabeth II, Charles Prince of Wales , Angela Merkel, Sergio Mattarella, King of Spain Felipe VI, Prince Albert II, Catherine Calderwood, Prince Carlos, Christine Lagarde, Pedro Sánchez , Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson ...who else?

On the front cover page "JM-Madeira"

"Diario de Noticias.Madeira" about exhibition "Mascaras" by Sara Santos

The opinion of the President of the Municipality of Funchal about the show and his caricature

During the whole quarantine we were preparing for the new season of the annual exhibition "Islands" This year the main theme was "Isolation". The state of the artist, his thoughts, ideas, works made during the quarantine. We have collected and exhibited only works made in Madeira during the self isolation. The result was surprisingly optimistic and striking.

Artists: Marcos Milewski, Olga Drak, Samuel Santos, Marcela Campo, Sara Santos, Pedro Alves, Heidrun Edsperger, Carina Mendonça, Jose Zyberchema, Freta NGO, Sergei Shubin, Nina Freitas, Joana Fernandes, Paulo Silva, Margarida Selvagem, Nicole Wolpher, Marta Horodniczy, Celeste Ada Jane Flintham, Jose Acosta, Pedro Garcia, Cefyn Embling-Evans, Svetlana Azernikova

The Art year went on and we invited guests

Ten ambitious promising students from Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands are starting their own project supported by their university. ’’Studio Souvenir’’ exploring the art of Madeira

While business is in a calms state , the city life continues, the famous street Santa Maria in Funchal, the street with painted doors, where our art center is located. This project, started over 10 years ago by a group of artists, has grown into 200 objects. However, recently many doors have disappeared ... together with the founder and dynamiser of the project Jose Zyberchema, we started a big movement to protect our art street and doors. This article is the first result.


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