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Sonia Poli. Impressionist in Brazilian temperament and Portuguese soul.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Sonia Poli is an artist who brought colors of a Brazilian soul to Portugal and Madeira island, along with expression, and the melodic nature of the language. Her Portuguese series, painted during her private stays in Madeira, allows you to look through impressionist artist at the familiar Madeira paintings. See people, flowers, landscapes, houses, city scenes through Impressionism art paintings.

She is especially in love with drawing musical instruments, musicians, scenes of the life of urban Bohemia. A huge part of her drawings is dedicated to the flora of Madeira island. Her oil paintings of Madeira island´s flowers has become part of the exhibition at Art Center Caravel, honored to the Flower festival on Madeira island.

"My inspiration comes from within the soul and often comes suddenly, where I find motivation to draw, paint, photograph and take out everyday models so that I can portray on the canvas. Painting is a sensation that gives me a lot of pleasure and pride, which makes me dedicate myself to this wonderful art every day"

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