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The Kukharenko sisters from Ukraine take part in an international art exhibition ´´Solidarity´´

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Born in 2003 and 2009 the two sisters Anastasia Kukharenko and Yelyzaveta Kukharenko from Ukraine are the youngest artist who will exhibit their paintings at the “Island’s Show” on 24 th February. Read here how they experienced solidarity, how they feel about today’s world situation and what’s their motivation to keep creating.

What does SOLIDARITY mean to you in relation to today´s world situation?

Yelyzaveta: At the moment, solidarity is not at all the strength of our society.

Anastasia: Official ways of help don´t work as effective as just kind people willing to help.

How does war affect you and your art?

Yelyzaveta: To put it bluntly, the war ruined the lives of millions of people.  As a result, our lives have changed a lot. This can affect art only from the side of emotions.

Anastasia: War has changed my life in the most unpredictable way and luckily not in a bad way. 

Have you already started making art pieces for this year's exhibition and what can we expect?

Yelyzaveta: I started a new painting.  I can´t say for sure what to expect, everything is very variable.

Do you think that art is an influential way of expressing your opinions on a specific topic and an effective form of expression?

Anastasia: Of course it is, but for me, personally, painting is just way to calm down my mind and show everyone joy of life capturing moments as they are.

What is your motivation to keep creating and avoid burnout?

Yelyzaveta: I create in order to stay in good shape. Burnout cannot be avoided.

Anastasia: I don´t have any motivation or moreover I´m not lucky enough to avoid burnout apparently. But the only thing that keeps me working and creating is my family and their love.

Thank you for visiting us at Art Center Caravel

The art exhibition Islands Show 2023 is scheduled to start on 24th of February

Read the exhibition manifest HERE

Meet all the participants HERE

Interview and publishing, Kristijan Trifunovski, Art Center Caravel

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