CEE for exhibition "Ilhas 2020 - Isolation"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Gestating during three months of personal home lockdown, and without access to the usual range of artistic resources, a small number of assemblages emerged asking for life, from the jumble of ignored and discarded objects lying at the back of drawers.

Thus we have a small number of modal statements from minimalist assemblages that create an avenue of increasing/accumulating complexity, comprising of a symbiosis of objects and materials, thematically linked by both the selection of materials and use of limited colour, which seem to exude polemic as well as religious overtones.

The assembler Cee has limited the choice of colours to deliberately cross-reference the Red Cross, Death, the world of medicine, but also the form of English nationalism ultimately behind the political movement known as Brexit the assembler regards as the death of a nation… the narrative of an autopsy of a murder camouflaged by a pandemic is achieved with minimal fuss and form.

The incorporation of the accidental was encouraged. The result is an installation of 8 art works forming the Temple of Detritus.

One first encounters the obvious in miniature – the narrative of In MemoriAm (5) is simply the burial of Truth in terms both chic and traditional, and the transcendence of Lies from a post-truth… the sphere is flat-lined.


Assemblage, mixed medium including suede leather, wood, oil paint, sheepskin, copper pins.

Bears inscription “Lies” and “Truth”

SIZE: 30cm diameter overall. Unique.

PRICE: 190 euros +IVA

Chalice-Disarmed (3) is a fragile testament to a hidden political agenda and the use of symbols to beguile, it carries its message using a frugality of form.


Assemblage includes Royal Navy “Commission” pennant, glass, sheepskin, taxidermy needles

Bears inscription IN VARIETATE CONCORDIA (official motto of EU), hidden within the glass.

SIZE: variable depending on display. Unique.

PRICE: 190 euros +IVA

Gilead´s Handmaiden (4) uses a direct