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We did not think for a long time about the theme of the new exhibition. We also knew exactly about the opening day of the exhibition. On February 24, a year ago, war came to Europe. Ukraine was attacked by Russia. Fear, grief, death of the innocent and thousands of refugees. Solidarity, this is the name we took for the main theme of the exhibition. Solidarity with those in need, solidarity between us. Solidarity is an action that does not require a common language and that knows no boundaries.

Looking through the list of applications from the artists of Madeira Island, we saw many names, our curators paid special attention to Ukrainian artists, accepting everyone who came to our art center during the preparation of the exhibition.

The most significant and probably the most powerful addition was the exhibition “Unissued Diplomas” an initiative of Ukrainian students in memory of their dead friends who never completed their studies at universities.

According to Olenka Pavlenko one of the organizers and curator in this exhibition-action "The exhibition tells very personal stories of 36 Ukrainian students who never will graduate, who never will be able to fulfill their dreams – like living in an ecovillage one day, travelling the world, taking care of homeless animals or marrying the beloved girlfriend.Our mission is to tell the story of the war through personalized stories, through small details. Me and my friends organized that exhibition in 52 cities around the world, 20 countries for spreading awareness, sharing their stories, showing that the war is ongoing and that it takes the life of young people"

3 curators and a volunteer participated in the work on the exhibition. Julia Kussl from Germany, a law student of Ludwig Maximilian university of Munich, specifically chose our exhibition for her professional training as part of the Traineeships programm granted by Erazmus+. Marija Trifunovskaya, coordinator of ARTE.M artistic and cultural asociation from Madeira island. Kristijan Trifunovski from Macedonia, web designer and European Solidarity Corps volunteer.Svetlana Azernikova, our art director.

Our artists:







Our team sincerely thanks all the artists, partners, our media sponsor JM-Madeira, "Casa das Artes", RTP Madeira. We are grateful for the support from the Municipality of Funchal and the Erasmus + for the support in the form of a grant for the work of our curator, we are sincerely grateful for the opportunities of the program European Solidarity Corps.


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