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When a Portuguese nurse hugged me after I mentioned that I’m Ukrainian - that’s solidarity.

Ukrainian artist and former volunteer at Arte.M Cultural Association Alecia Guseva once painted the entrance doors of Art Center Caravel and now she will exhibit her art at “Islands Show 2023”. Her style is based on the traditional ukrainian techniques called “Petrykivka” combined with modern styles. Read here how she experienced solidarity and what we can expect for this years “Islands Show 2023”.

What does SOLIDARITY mean to you regarding today’s world situation?

When a Portuguese nurse hugged me after I mentioned that I’m Ukrainian - that’s solidarity. Despite all differences, one person understands another person’s feelings. Or at least tries.

How does war effect you and does it effect your art?

The news of war found me in Italy, so I didn’t have to evacuate myself. However, my family had to run away. It’s the first time I’m not sure if I can ever visit my parents’ house again. Strange feeling. I started painting again only by Christmas. Through the year one line from a famous Ukrainian poetry kept recurring in my head:

“In this world, there’s much sorrow.

People, be beautiful to each other!”

(Lina Kostenko “By the way”)

What artworks can we expect for this year’s exhibition?

In my art I use elements of Ukrainian folk art and specific traditional techniques from Ukrainian Petrykivka art. But recently I’ve been trying to blend them into modern styles and play with it.

Do you think art is an influential way to let your opinions known on a certain topic and an effective way of expression?

Oh, totally. Sensitive hand of an artist sometimes can describe more, than words allow.

What is your motivation to keep creating and avoid burnout?

Oh that’s simple - I only paint when I want to. But generally, I use the approach of baby steps on daily basis and meanwhile refusing from any expectations of a final outcome. That helps to enjoy the journey rather than the destination. The result is a delightful bonus, often better than expected.

Thank you Alecia for this wonderful visit to our gallery

The opening of the exhibition ´´Islands 2023´´ by the theme of ´´Solidarity´´ is on 24th of February 2023 in the Art Center Caravel.

Read the manifest HERE

Virtual exhibition HERE


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