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Jose Zyberchema brings urban note in this year´s ´´Islands 2023 Show´´ with his art photography

Jose Zyberchema is the initiator of the project “Arte de portas abertas” (Art of open doors) in the street of Santa Maria, that opened the doors of Funchal to art and culture. But not only is he running this project – he’s also a participant who will exhibit his work at the “Island Show 2023”. Read in this Interview how he expresses his inner self with photography.

What does SOLIDARITY mean to you in the face of the current world situation?

Solidarity is fighting against the injustices of this World. This world is ruled by economic powers that do not take people into account. The inhabitants of a country are not to blame for the decisions made by their rulers who generally only think about their welfare. Innocent people suffer from their decisions.

How does the war affect you and how does it affect your inspiration?

War sometimes seems "distant" but always influences the subconscious. Sometimes I "isolate" myself from what is happening outside my local environment - but on Planet Earth everything is connected, so I am always influenced by events.

Have you started working on the photos for this year's exhibition and what can we expect?

I am working on "virtual landscapes" generated with the help of a "Virtual Reality" program. They are worlds created to measure. Islands that are linked by the sea that surrounds them.

Do you think that photography is an influential way of making your views known on a certain topic and is an effective form of expression?

The pictures reflect our inner selves and in them we reveal a particular perspective on the world around us. It is a subjective view. The pictures are "snapshots" that remain in the memory of people and that are shared over time

What is your motivation to keep creating and avoid burnout?

There are days that I go out with the camera and hardly take pictures. The places themselves are the inspiration. In general, I tend to photograph spaces and people rarely show up. Creation is movement and movement is Life. When we stop creating, we are dead ...

Thank you Jose for visiting us at Art Center Caravel

The art exhibition Islands Show 2023 is scheduled to start on 24th of February

Read the exhibition manifest HERE

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Virtual version of the exhibition HERE

Interview and publishing, Kristijan Trifunovski, Art Center Caravel


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