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Marta Horodniczy speaks about Solidarity regarding this year's art exhibition ''Islands Show 2023''

Today we had a visit in Art Ceter Caravel from another artist of this years Island Show Exhibition by the theme of ''Solidarity''.

Read below the story and motives behind this polish artist situated on Madeira Island...

Designed by Kristijan Trifunovski
Designed by Kristijan Trifunovski

When we asked her what does solidarity mean to her, she gave as a very heartfelt answer:

Marta: As a Polish, the current situation is quite hard and touching for me. I consider Ukrainian and Russian people as our big family, we are all neighbours and Slavic people. Also, as a psychologist, I find it hard to believe that there can be such a cruelty in a family.

For me, solidarity means walking together towards better future, sharing positivity and being a human. It also means being together in good feelings and taking care of each other.

For us the theme ''Solidarity'' represents the current help the world needs in order to end the war, in this is how war has influenced her and her art:

Marta: War can definitely influence the artists and their art. Therefore, the situation in Europe affected me and my art in an indirect way. However, in my art I like to show the loving kindness of people, not cruelty.

When it comes to the art itself we asked her if she had started with creating the paintings she plans on showing on the exhibition and her advice for young artists who will participate.

Marta: I have started preparing the art for the Islands Solidarity show. My plan is to create collages with

animals through which I will show the connection between the humankind and animal beings. This is

my initial idea, I am still not sure, but I might create something more.

I believe that we are all part of the world, but first we need to understand ourselves. We have to know what our values are, and we need to be truthful and honest, and must not be ashamed to express who we are in our art. I encourage young artists to apply and to work towards opening more opportunities for them, as well as contributing for better society.

Many people use art in any of its forms to bring awarness and influence in the general public, on that she comented:

Marta: In my opinion, the posters and illustrations are the most influential way when trying to show your

opinion on a certain topic… They are more influential than fine art. This of course depends on

people’s interests. But generally, fine art is not as popular.

And lastly we asked her what is her motivation and how she keeps creating without any burnout.

Marta: I find the strength to keep working by knowing that I am the only one who can express my own feelings and emotions. No one else can do it for me. Also, I love to create because creating is power

of living.

Read the manifest for the exhibition ''Islands 2023'' HERE

Interview and publishing by Kristijan Trifunovski, Art Center Caravel

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