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Decia Azevedo welcomes us into her art world with an interview prior this year’s ''Islands Show''

Artist Décia Azevedo revealed to us, that we can expect “a journey of colors that spreads light and refletcs love” for this year’s art exhibition “Island Show 2023”. We’re excited!

Designed by Kristijan Trifunovski

What does SOLIDARITY mean to you in relation to today’s world situation?

Solidarity is the collective revolution of the word in freedom. It’s an altruistic action of helping the other with the solidary responsibility that takes us to the apex of love.

Solidarity is the feeling that best expresses human dignity.

How does war affect you and your art?

War is a policy with bloodshed. It exhibits disorder and suffering in the eyes and heart of

those who see it from afar. Faced with the broad battlefront, the sensitivity expressed in

art exhibits a humanitarian force of victory and calm.

Some of her artwork is already on display in our gallery...

She explains her work as a journey of colors that spreads light and reflects love in any dimension that is possible to touch.

All artists have in common the experience of the unfathomable distance that exists between the work in their hands, however well finished it may be, and the dazzling perfection of beauty perceived in the fervor of the splendor of the creative moment that for a few moments shone before the eyes. of our spirit.

One of the biggest problems artists come across is burnout, we asked Decia for her toughts on it and how she deals through a burnout.

Not to be like the others, not to be based on people's way of acting or the way they face the so vulgar society that happens nowadays, but rather to make a difference for an evolutionary society by distributing flowers to those who throw stones at us.

Thank you Decia for visiting us at Art Center Caravel

The art exhibition Islands Show 2023 iS scheduled to start on 24th of February

Read the exhibition manifest HERE

Meet all the participants HERE

Interview and publishing, Kristijan Trifunovski, Art Center Caravel


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