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Read how Pedro Alves finds motivation and avoids burnout for our art exhibition ''Solidarity''

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Today we had a very special chance to chat with another artist from this years Island Show Exhibition by the theme of ''Solidarity''.

Read below the story and motives behind this very well known artist on Madeira Island.

Designed by Kristijan Trifunovski
Designed by Kristijan Trifunovski

When we asked him what does solidarity mean to him, he gave as a very openminded answer:

Pedro: Solidarity is above everything else, helping someone who needs it. For me personally I think that we can bring the idea of solidarity closer to our periphery, so it doesn’t have to be someone across the world, in a war or going through social justice struggle, everybody in the world is suffering in some way, but also if you look around us we have friends and family, people that we work with that need a hand, if we know that they are suffering in some way we should look in it closely.

For us the theme ''Solidarity'' represents the current help the world needs in order to end the war, when asked how it effects him and his art Pedro said:

War first of all effects me like it does everyone else, I think it highlights how fragile we are as people and society and how unstable our sense of security really is, in terms of my art it’s my first time I am going to paint since the actual war in Europe is happening so we will see what happens.

When it comes to the art itself we asked him if he had started with creating the paintings he plans on showing on the exhibition and his advice for young artists who want to participate.

Pedro: Yes I have just started making it, and I’m very excited with the exhibition because I am going to bring in to focus mostly some elements of peace, because I follow a lot of eastern philosophy like Buddhism and I’m going to try incorporate some of those concepts into the paintings along with peace and balance.

Of course I support new artists, especially young artists who maybe don’t have a lot of experience with exhibitions or having their paintings in a gallery, I would say that you loose nothing to try and it can open up many doors especially if you are starting off.

One of the biggest problems artists come across is burnout, we asked Pedro for his toughts on it and how he deals through a burnout.

Pedro: For me when I paint and many other things that I do, the act of creating is what I enjoy the most, thereis no real end goal to it I just love the feeling of looking at a blank peace of paper, blank canvas or a page to write and the idea that something fresh and new will come out of it, in terms of avoiding burnout I meditate quite a bit and try to stay calm whenever I can.

And lastly we asked what are his toughts on art as an influential way to let your opinions known on a certain topic and an effective way of expresion.

Pedro: Yes definitely, historically that’s been the case, people have used it in many scenarios, social revolution, social justice, I don’t use it like that, but I recognise that it can be efficient in that way, I use it more of a way of self-expression, to me it’s almost like a therapy it’s relaxing, it’s more fluid, so what comes, comes.

We cannot wait to see the new exclusive paintings Pedro Alves creates for the exhibition Islands 2023, until than feel free to Look into his previous pieces of art we have from him HERE

Read the manifest for the exhibition ''Islands 2023'' HERE

Interview and publishing by Kristijan Trifunovski, Art Center Caravel


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